Check Your Status

Checking your status is the fastest way for you to know what activity is taking place with your application, including your admissions decision. Check to see that if your recommendations, scores, and transcripts have been received. Depending on your program, you may also be able to accept or decline your offer of admission online by checking your status.

We update records nightly as we receive and process new information. You can log in as often as you want to check your status. Provide your RUID or SSN, birth date, and gender exactly as entered during the application process.

Application Processing

After you submit your application it may take up to 72 hours before you can check your status. Be patient, if you don’t see your most up-to-date status. In some cases, such as holidays and weekends, and during peak graduate admissions season, it may take us longer to process your materials. Continue to monitor your status. Please wait at least two weeks after you have submitted your application before contacting us to correct any status issues.

Letters of Recommendation

Your letters of recommendation should be submitted electronically. If the status site indicates that your recommendations have not been received, you can send reminder emails to your recommenders by clicking on the Resend Email to Recommender link.

If your recommender is unable to submit your letter electronically, if you need to obtain an additional recommendation, or if you need to change a recommender, you can download a recommendation form to give or send to that person.

Admissions Decisions

Individual committees within your program make admissions decisions, and this process may take up to several months. We understand that you want your decisions as soon as possible, especially if you are considering offers from other schools. If you know your application is complete and you have not received a fall decision by late spring, you should contact your program directly.

Check Your Status Now

You can log in using your RUID, birth date, and gender to find out the status of your application and whether you have been admitted to your program.

Check Your Status

What’s Next?

If you have been accepted

Congratulations and welcome to Rutgers. A few days after being accepted, you will receive an official acceptance packet by mail from our office that will help you learn about the next steps you will need to take to join the Rutgers community. Depending on your program, you can also use the status site to accept or decline your offer of admission online.

Submit your admission response online

Learn What's Next

If you have not been accepted

We are sorry to hear that the admissions committee decided not to offer you admission at this time. All of our graduate programs are highly competitive on both a domestic and international level. While you may not have been offered admission to the current semester, you can always re-apply for the following semester or consider nondegree study. If you would like to know the specific reason(s) why your application was not accepted, you should contact the program directly.