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Thinking about Graduate Study at Rutgers? Are you looking to advance your learning in graduate school but not sure which program you want to pursue? Learn more about the opportunities for advanced studies at Rutgers. Here’s some information that will make the graduate admissions process a smooth one. We have provided the answers to your questions about the admissions process all in one place.

Degree Programs

Rutgers offers more than 200 graduate programs and degrees. Whether you are a returning Rutgers student, transferring from another institution, or pursuing nondegree study, you can learn about the opportunities for study at Rutgers, general requirements, and the application process.

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Nondegree Students

If you would like to take graduate courses at Rutgers, and you are not pursuing a Rutgers degree, nondegree study is available in most programs.

Courses taken as a nondegree student may transfer toward a degree at the program's discretion. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be admitted to the degree program once you have completed your nondegree courses.

Many Rutgers graduate and professional programs offer the opportunity for nondegree study.

  • Explore our program database to determine if your field of interest offers nondegree study.
  • Check with your program of interest for any additional requirements or restrictions.Some programs limit the total number of credits as well as the credits per semester you can take as a nondegree student.
  • If you have decided on a nondegree course of study and you know the program requirements and deadlines, when you complete the application, select "Non-degree" as the Applicant Type and pay the nonrefundable application fee online.
  • Nondegree study is not available for international applicants who hold F-type visas.

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Rutgers Alumni and Undergraduate Students

You can have your transcripts sent to the Rutgers Graduate and Professional Admissions office free of charge. During the application process, select Rutgers as the institution, hit save on the "Institution Rutgers Indicator" pop-up, and then "Yes" to have official Rutgers transcripts sent automatically. If you do not select this option prior to submitting your online application, you will have to contact the Rutgers Registrar's Office to request transcripts and will incur a fee of $7 per transcript.

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Transfer Students

You must first complete the online application process and be admitted to your program before any consideration of transfer credits will be made.

After you have been accepted to your program, the program will review your credits and consider them for transfer. This process is completely at the discretion of the program. The program will want assurance that the course or courses in question are equal in quality to those that you would have taken at Rutgers.

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Reapplying or Reactivating Your Application

You can reapply or reactivate an application submitted within the previous year:

  • Resubmit letters of recommendation (at least one new required)
  • Update your personal statement (required)
  • Pay the application fee (required)
  • Provide a written statement indicating that you wish to reapply.
  • Have your materials forwarded from your previous application by sending us a written request to use any prior credentials you submitted. Find the appropriate admissions office.

While one new letter, a revised personal statement, and the application fee are minimally necessary, your goal is to improve your application to get the most positive review possible.

If your original application was not submitted with the past year, you will need to start a new online application.

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